When I grew my first herbs and vegetables, I planted them around an existing large rosemary bush. Years later it had became so old and straggly I had to remove it. The following spring, a rosemary branch appeared – growing out of the middle of my vegetable garden wall! I have left it to grow and it is now a quirky feature in my garden.
Rosemary has a multitude of medicinal uses, ranging from treating depression and baldness to improving memory and circulation. Rosemary increases circulation and is an analgesic. Externally it is excellent for treating headaches, sore joints and muscles. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties make it a good ingredient as a wash for skin conditions. It is a good hair tonic in herbal shampoos and conditioners. It is an effective gargle and mouthwash. Internally it treats flatulence, stimulates digestion and improves memory and circulation.

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Found in:

  Muscle Balm

  Hand Scrub

  Green Goodness Balm

  Anti-Bug Body Spray