Workshops and Events

From the Winelands to Botswana, Garden Clubs to TEDx talks, corporate functions, informal lunches and nurseries, Jane will inspire and entertain your guests with her fount of knowledge on edible organic gardening.



"I just LOVED everything about that workshop! It was a very special morning. I found that I was totally and utterly absorbed for the entire talk. Jane speaks with great ease. Her passion is so evident yet I never for one moment felt it being forced on us"

Heidi Sendin

"I was totally inspired by the talk. I will be putting this all into practice when I go live on the farm. I enjoyed the fact that Jane was not an expert e.g. had no formal studies in that field and learnt as she went along. I loved the warmth and energy of the day."

Debbie Cass


"Thank you for a wonderful morning. Thank YOU! It was an amazing morning, couldn’t find fault! From the food to the venue to the amazing Jungle Jane! I have already made my first 2 tripods from her book and planted my tomatoes. Goes to show what a difference attending a morning like that can do , not only for one's knowledge but also for one's spirit."

Zunia Boucher-Myers

"It was a wonderful morning. Ideal setting. Jane spoke so well! As a regular public speaker, I know what not to do to be a boring speaker. Jane had us riveted. She also uses the most vital of all speaking tools – humour. I WAS a little concerned when she said how long she’d be talking but, the acid test of how amazing she was, was that each session felt like 10 minutes!!"

Jill Richie