A Garden on a Water Tank

Many people would like to install a water tank but they don’t want to waste limited garden space. By wrapping a tank with a vertical garden you can actually create more garden space.

Our grey water tank is in a hot position on the north-facing side of the house. I decided to cover it with hardy succulents as they would need very little water.

On the rainwater tank in the driveway, which receives morning sunshine, I planted a mixture of strawberries and herbs.

I chose various different varieties of strawberries, with some producing in early spring and others fruiting well into autumn. Interspersed are pockets of seasonal basil and parsley plus perennial thyme and oregano.

Each plant is in an individual pocket, which is filled with fertile growing medium.

The final step was to install irrigation on the strawberry tank wrap, which is part of a series of rainwater harvesting tanks connected to a pressure-activated pump.

We installed a drip irrigation system with each pocket having an individual dripper. This is attached to a timer that turns the pump on at the same time every day for about five minutes. Now the vertical strawberry and herb garden is being watered by its own rainwater.

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Justin Sam from Vertical Landscapes installed this vertical garden. He will make and install Garden Tank Wraps for any size water tank.