Chamomile is a gentle, sweetly-scented herb and chamomile tea is well known for its relaxing properties. This is a herb with the reputation of attracting money, so if you are going gambling, wash your hands in a chamomile infusion to ensure winnings!

Chamomile is well known for its mild sedative effect on the nervous system. Taken internally, it helps ease tension, encourages a good night’s sleep and eases colic and menstrual cramps. It also assists digestion and relieves nausea. Externally, the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile are good for eczema, rheumatism and any inflamed skin condition as well as promoting wound healing. Chamomile is generally a good pain-relieving treatment, especially for those with a low pain threshold or for children.

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  Wrinkle & Crinkle Balm

  Skin Soother Balm