Calendula is sunshine in a blossom. This plant was Cleopatra’s secret weapon, as the ancient Egyptians used calendula-infused oil as an anti-ageing remedy.
Calendula has a wide range of medicinal uses, from astringent to menstrual regulator. It is primarily used as an anti-inflammatory and as a skin healer for problems such as eczema, cuts, mouth ulcers, insect stings, grazes, slow-healing wounds, dry or inflamed skin, perineal tears after childbirth, minor burns, sunburn and fungal conditions such as athlete’s foot, thrush and ringworm. When treating a wound, make sure that it is clean and there is no infection. Tissue treated with calendula heals very quickly and it is vital that no infection remains underneath the healed skin.

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Found in:

Wrinkle & Crinkle Balm

Skin Soother Balm

  Muscle Balm

  Green Goodness Balm