Beeswax was one of the earliest products used by humans for a multitude of purposes. It was utilised as a sealing and waterproofing agent for houses and boats; to make candles for lighting; for coating wooden writing tablets; in cosmetics and herbal preparations; and as a modelling agent for everything from sculpture and jewellery moulds to dentistry.
Beeswax is what bees use to make honeycomb. A by-product of harvesting honey, it is a healthy, natural moisturiser, used in body lotions, lip balms and face creams. It works well in skin products because it contains compounds called wax esters, which also exist in human skin. Plus it has healing and antiseptic qualities.

Found in

  Hand Balm

  Wrinkle & Crinkle Balm

  Skin Soother Balm

  Muscle Balm

  Green Goodness Balm