Six Degrees East is run by Diane du Plessis. A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist, she has spent her career using this computer-based method to collect, manage analyze, model and present geographic or spatial data, for the mining exploration industry all over the African continent.

"Where ever I have found myself living, I have planted a garden, had a compost heap and attempted to grow a food garden.

Once I borrowed my mother's book, Jane's Delicious Garden, I never looked back.

I finally could get a food garden established and producing food."

Diane soon realised she needed a really good practical apron. "A client would phone me when I was in the garden and I needed to take notes and have my phone on hand. I lost two cell phones in the garden - one dropped on a rock and the other left in the rain."  But nothing in the shops suited her needs. So she designed one. And then kept tweaking it, until she had the perfect garden apron. And Six Degrees East began. The name Six Degrees East is a nod to her geology career, as this is the longitude that she has always lived closest to.

Diane now runs a skills development project called MUSO in the CBD of Johannesburg, empowering young men to become competent tailors. They manufacture the gardening aprons and broad-rimmed sun hats out of denim, Shweshwe or floral fabric.

She did not stop with aprons. Diane and her husband Charl designed and developed The Plunter,.an innovative device for seed propagation. Other products which Diane developed include the eco-friendly  Bwax Wraps and Soy Wax wraps for vegans, both reusable alternatives to cling wrap and plastic bags.